The Company

The vineyards of Mario Lavarini’s company are located in two different types of land in the classical Valpolicella area. One of these zones is in the hilly area of Marano of Valpolicella in a small town called Camporal which is about 350 meters above sea level, the brown soil is in part vulcani origin and is part floodplains, it is exposed from sunrise to sunset to the sun and it is from this soil that the grapes Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella are produced for Recioto Classico and Amarone Classico. The other area is located at the foot of the hills in Arbizzano di Negrar which is about 85 meters above sea level where the soils contains clay particles which produces the grapes Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella which then the company uses for Valpolicella Classico.

The Family

Mario Lavarini is the founder of the Agricultural Company Camporeale located in the classical area of Valpolicella known for its wines, which are both famous and appreciated worldwide. Mario, his wife Renata and their children Luca and Marco have carried on this traditional craft by keeping in contact with nature resulting in the creation of an exceptional quality product. The dedication when transforming the grapes into wine is carried out in a series of accurately followed steps where all the family is involved in the knowledge that this proud tradition is being maintaned.